Traffic Pattern

Rocket City Rowing rows on the Hobbs Island Channel of the Tennessee River. We share the Tennessee River and the Hobbs Island Channel with motorized recreational and commercial vessels as well as paddle-boarders, canoers, kayakers and swimmers. Major and minor accidents have a direct impact on the lives of those involved and some incidents can have repercussions for the entire North Alabama community.

Rowers must be familiar with the traffic pattern  for watercraft and the existing hazards to safe boating before embarking on a row.

  • Rowing Shells must maintain the traffic pattern with upstream traffic close to the island and downstream traffic shore-side.
  • Boats should pass to the center, portside to portside
  • The faster boat has the right of way
  • Be especially aware of boat traffic between the “No Wake” buoys by Whitesburg Boat Harbor, watching for boats leaving and approaching the dock