Our Boathouse

Rocket City Rowing rows out of the Madison County Rowing Facility located at 1000 Hobbs Island Road, about one mile east of Ditto Landing Marina on a protected side channel of the Tennessee River. The Madison County Community Rowing Facility was completed in March 13th, 2008. Rocket City Rowing club occupies two bays in the four bay structure, the University of Alabama in Huntsville Rowing Club occupies one bay, and one bay is reserved for public use.

We have year round access to miles and miles of beautiful water in the Wheeler Lake section of the Tennessee River.

To get to the boathouse:

1. Go south on Memorial Parkway to the last traffic light before crossing the Tennessee River.
2. Turn left onto Hobbs Island Road
3. Proceed southeast approximately 2 1/4 miles (4 km), past the turn for Ditto Landing.
4. Turn right into boathouse parking lot across from the Hobbs Island Pit Stop.
5. Park on the perimeter of the parking lot to leave the path from the boathouse to the dock clear.