Masters Regatta Schedule

Competitively-minded Rocket City Rowing Masters compete at 3-4 regattas in the Fall and Spring seasons in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida; as well as one indoor rowing competition in January. Fall races are conducted in a head race format where boats row against the clock, departing at 15-30 second intervals over an approximately 5,000 meter course that varies according to the local geography. Spring races are conducted on a 1,000 meter course against a field of 6-8 other boats of the same classification set by age, experience level, and number of oars in the water. Spring racing culminates in regional and national level championships.

A USRowing waiver must be signed annually before competing . The USRowing Registration and Waiver process can be accessed by following the link below:

USRowing Waiver

Regatta fees for masters rowers are paid by the individual – by the seat for each boat class entered plus a share of boat transportation costs (vehicle rental, gas, hotel and food for vehicle driver) divided between the youth and masters programs.

Fall 2017 Masters Regatta Schedule
Saturday, October 7 Music City Head Race Cumberland River Nashville, TN
Saturday, October 14 Chattanooga Head Race Tennessee River Chattanooga, TN
Saturday October 24 Secret City Head Race Melton Hill Lake Oak Ridge, TN
Saturday, November 4 – Sunday, November 5 Head of the Hooch Tennessee River Chattanooga, TN
Saturday, November 11 Head of the South Savannah River Augusta, GA

Spring 2018 Masters Regatta Schedule

Saturday, February 3 Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships McClellan Gym
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Saturday, mid-May Dogwood Masters Classic Melton Hill Lake Oak Ridge, TN
Friday – Sunday late-June Southeastern Masters Championships TBD
Thursday, August 16 – Sunday, August 19 Masters National Championships Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA
Monday, September 24 – Sunday,
-September 30
World Masters Regatta Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL